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Vancouver, BC

Our Pillars


Clumsy is an ethically made loungewear company. Each piece in our new collection is made in a factory in Los Angeles that focuses on sustainability and quality. Our manufacturer pays fair wages to employees and uses cotton and yarn sources from local farmers. They have a vertically integrated system meaning they never use any off-shoring, ensuring quality in each step of their process. When the pieces arrive to us, we embroider and screen print them locally in Vancouver, BC. 



We believe that waste is not an acceptable byproduct of running a fashion line, and to mitigate our amount of waste, every single product is made to order with a buyer in mind. All pieces are finished by us in our small studio based out of Vancouver BC.

Once ready, each order is wrapped in recyclable paper, we add a hand written note on a recyclable card, and the package is shipped to you in a compostable mailer (don't forget to compost it!). 

Once you receive your pieces, we recommend that you wear them as much as possible and for as long as possible! They are made to last, and we hope that you enjoy them for years to come.


We feel so lucky to be part of such a thriving local small business community, both in Vancouver and Victoria, and we love that we get to work among such talented makers and business owners. 

In order to celebrate other small businesses and our community, we put together seasonal 'collectives', comprised of goods made by other Canadian makers. Our first collective will be launching in 2021!